©Copyright Mary Wagner. All Rights Reserved.I make machines to make my drawings. Gears moving inside gears guide my pen to draw fluid lines. Individual curves are deceptively simple. The drawings warm and complicate through repetition. Patterns pile on top of each other becoming value and texture… dimension and movement.

Math pervades my work. It is omnipresent… though also totally beside the point. Equations can perform a similar task as my gears… and describe similar forms on a Euclidean plane. But lets face it, we’re here in the physical world. And my pet name for my art “Parametric Drawing” only makes sense to a fraction of those who have a degree in mathematics.

At the very least I’d like you, the viewer, to enjoy a sense of optical pleasure. However, you are also welcome to follow me into the contemplation of physics, hallucination, space-time, trance, homogeny vs. anomaly, fuzzy logic, rotation, and mesmerism.

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© Copyright Mary Wagner. All rights reserved.