Mary Wagner, Artist Statement

©Copyright Mary Wagner. All Rights Reserved.I make machines to help me make my drawings. Gears moving inside gears guide my pen to draw fluid lines. Math pervades my work. It is omnipresent… though also totally beside the point. Equations can perform a similar task as my drawing machines… and describe similar forms on a plane. But lets face it, we’re here in the physical world and my pet name for my art “parametric drawing” only makes sense to a few.

At the quantum level, these drawings are simple, fluid, curvilinear paths arching around some absent center like an interstellar object flirting about a gravity well. The lines warm and complicate through repetition. Patterns pile on top of each other. The slim edge of the pen takes on form and depth like cotton candy wisps or subatomic particles. Value and texture suggest dimension and movement. These things coax and combine into a sort of “non-subject” or subjective subject matter… inviting viewers to project themselves. They are exercises in minimal purity, or expressions of chaos and order. Abstractions of complicated networks or psychedelic dreamscapes. They are both pretty eye candy and quasi-sciencey, smarty-pants, mathi-ness.

At the very least I’d like you, the viewer, to enjoy a sense of optical pleasure. However, you are also welcome to follow me into the contemplation of physics, hallucination, space-time, fuzzy logic, rotation, mesmerism and the stuff of dreams. Mary lives and draws in Chicago.

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© Copyright Mary Wagner. All rights reserved.