Work in progress on abstract ink drawing “Orion Star”

Mary Wagner "Orion Star" work in progress. Copyright Mary Wagner
“Orion Star” work in progress on outer ring. About half the lines are drawn, blue and a few black ink lines on outer edge.
Work in progress on "Orion Star" outer ring completed. Copyright Mary Wagner
Work in progress on “Orion Star” outer ring completed. Have added black and purple lines between the blue.

I used blue, black and purple ink in alternating patterns. Blue and black, then blue and purple and then all blue lines in the center area. In first image I’ve drawn every other line in blue and have started to add black lines around the outer edge. Second image I’ve added black, purple and blue between those blue lines.

This outer ring has 65 lines. Each line required 24 revolutions of the outside drawing gear around the inside wheel. That makes 1560 trips around for the outside drawing wheel.

Drawing is 37.75 inches in diameter on 42 inch wide Strathmore bristol board. Pens used were Zebra Surari 1.0 blue and black, Dong-A AnyBall 1.0 black, and Staedtler 1.6 Maxim purple.