“Pen & Ink” exhibition at Union Street Gallery

Several of my latest movement drawings can be seen in the “Pen & Ink” exhibit at the Union Street Gallery. The show was curated by Kate Lewis, who also happens to render some amazing architecturally inspired drawings, many featuring iconic Chicago locations.

"Blue Flutter" ©Copyright Mary Wagner www.marywagner.com
“Blue Flutter”, ink on paper, 14×17 inches. Blue and black ink lines loop and whirl in curving motion across the page. A vague, unknown force, flittering about the edge of consciousness. An opening into another dimension. Or a critical realization forming, it’s just within the minds grasp, so close, the slim edge of understanding.

March 1 – March 24, 2018
Opening reception: March 3, 1-3 pm

Union Street Gallery
1527 Otto Blvd
Chicago Heights IL