“Revolutions” drawing featured in “Manifest Exhibition Annual”

Copyright © Manifest Creative Research Gallery and Drawing Center - Manifest Press
Screen shot of publication on the Manifest Gallery website.

Really wonderful to have a drawing featured in “The Season 10 Manifest Exhibition Annual (MEAS10)” now available to pre-order. The publication has 324 pages, representing 25 exhibits, 414 works of art, 273 Artists from 41 states and 10 countries. Heavy stuff!

"1,312 Revolutions With A Twist" Copyright Mary Wagner
“1,312 Revolutions With A Twist”, 20×20, ballpoint pen on bristol board.

“1,312 Revolutions With A Twist”

Somewhere in about the middle of this exhibition annual is a photo of my work “1,312 Revolutions With A Twist” which was juried into the season ten “DRAWN” exhibition. “1,312” is one of my iconic ink drawings–a circular shape with a gazillion looping, spiraling, line plots, hand drawn by me using my custom drawing gears.

Forty-one line plots. Each composed of thirty-two loops at the outer edge. Each loop represents one circumnavigation of the drawing wheel. Each successive line plot getting smaller in diameter and rotating to the right of the preceding line plot. Lines piled on top of each other become value shifts and texture. The motion of the pen becomes less about any definite path and more about their demographic multiplicity and the disappearance of paper.

This publication is a beautiful collection of high quality contemporary visual arts– something that is difficult to come by in this online age as many galleries no longer produce exhibit catalogs as a record of the contemporary art scene. Can’t wait to get mine.

"1,312 Revolutions With A Twist" Copyright Mary Wagner
Center detail of “1,312 Revolutions With A Twist”