“Drawing Collage”

I’ve got piles of not-so-perfect drawings.

“Sneeze” drawings, “startled” by loud sound drawings, “day-dreaming” while drawings drawings, “straying from the circle” drawings— then there are practice drawings, test drawings, wishful thinking drawings, color scheme mockups, total f-ups, just plain bad ideas— the list goes on.

"Nine" 10x10 Copyright Mary Wagner www.marywagner.com
“Nine” in blue

Drawing Collage

I really don’t like seeing hours of drawings and piles of paper go into the circular file or the shredder. So I invented the “Drawing Collage”. I think that’s self-explanatory. But if case it’s not… I cut up not-so-perfect drawings and paste the parts into collage art. Shown here are two minimal variations of the drawing collage, one blue, one red. Each one was created with circles punched out of test drawings for giant size epitrochoids.

"Nine" 10x10 Copyright Mary Wagner www.marywagner.com

“Nine” in red