INDA 12 Drawing Publication

Copyright Mary Wagner. All Rights Reserved.
Full Spread
Copyright Mary Wagner. All Rights Reserved.
Featured on essay page.
Copyright Mary Wagner. All Rights Reserved.
Details of the drawing.


This wonderful art book arrived in the post recently — INDA 12, Manifest International Drawing Annual published by Manifest Press. Very honored to be included in this incredible selection of works by 76 artists from around the world.

With each INDA publication Manifest surveys and documents the best drawings of the most varied types being made around the world.


My drawing is included on a full spread and is seen as the banner for the essay The Unseen Hand by Eric Rennie. Resonance Disaster Landscape is a mixed media drawing with ink, marker, graphite pencil and color pencil on paper, 55 x 110 inches. The drawing took me over a year and is my most epic work to date.

The book can be acquired from Manifest Gallery.