Ink blot painting on paper with drawing, we all see something different.

Continuing to explore the ink blot technique on my drawings.

A look at a few of my newest ink blot painting/drawings on paper. For the background figure drawings on these I used blue ink pens and pulled that color into the ink blot figure color scheme.

These ink blot figures are created by applying thinned acrylic to one-half of the drawing, folding the drawing in half down the center and then pressing the two half together to move the wet paint around. Each color is added separately, sometimes it requires repeating the process many times to get the desired effect.

WATER BLOSSOM, ink on paper. Copyright Mary Wagner. All Rights Reserved.
WATER BLOSSOM, ink and acrylic on paper, 11 x 14 inches.
PHOENIX, ink blot on paper. Copyright Mary Wagner. All Rights Reserved.
PHOENIX, ink and acrylic on paper, 11×14 inches.

For me creating this style of painting and drawing combined is very therapeutic. I enjoy letting-go of the tight control my drawings require. Allowing the acrylic ink blots to create random shapes and forms, surprises along the way. Interpreting the ink blots afterwards is one of my favorite things, what imagery is conjured up—a butterfly—a water sprite—it’s completely up to the viewer and we each see something different.