Abstract Flowers Drawing

I don’t often draw representational art but flowers seem to be a fitting subject matter for my particular style of drawing. “Black Flowers” is a botanical inspired drawing of a bouquet of black flowers in a blue vase.

"Black Flowers" ink on paper, 14x11 inches. Copyright Mary Wagner. All Rights Reserved. MaryWagner.com
“Black Flowers” ink on paper, 14×11 inches.

The most challenging and rewarding part of floral drawings is figuring out what particular figures to use in the construction of each flowers. Some need to be the same but slightly different, others need to be completely different. Even the leaves in varying sizes are fun to figure out.

The smaller flowers are single figures drawn with the same pair of wheels in repetitive reductive patterns. The larger flowers are composed of three to four figures each using a different combinations of wheels. The repetition of pattern gives them depth and shape.

The original drawing has sold—prints are available upon request, use the contact link in the site menu.