Help Keep The Torch Lit

Let me introduce you to my artist friend Cindy McEwen. She is a genius with molten glass. Some of you may recognize her intricate glass beads from my handmade book work where Cindy’s little works of art often graced the covers.

Cindy makes the most amazing glass beads and buttons—all while hovering over a flame that’s hot enough to heat glass until molten. Her floral designs are my particular favorites. Cindy designs and meticulously produces these floral glass creations to match specific wedding bouquets… recreating the colors and shapes of the flower arrangements. Stunning additions to many-a wedding album I’ve made.

Cindy never turns down a challenge—I’ve asked her for beads that resemble potatoes, galaxies, and plaid fabric… asked her to replicate marble paper, ocean waves, spirals and odd-ball shapes. Cindy absolutely loves her art form and medium. It’s a part of who she is—just like drawing is a part of me.

But Cindy’s torch went cold.

For almost eight months now Cindy has been unable to work glass. No more hovering over a hot flame and weaving molten glass for her. An accident fractured Cindy’s pelvis in two places. She spent weeks in the hospital, and months in recovery.

And she also couldn’t work at either of her other two jobs… so her income as a self-employed graphic designer and a part-time office worker stopped. Her medical bills from the accident keep piling up.

Cindy has been a good friend for a long time and I really felt like I had to help her in some way. So I started a fund raising campaign to try to raise money to pay some of her medical bills. You can help her too!

Please consider a donation to help Cindy get back on her feet. And keep the fire burning. Any donation, even just $5 will help. The fund raising link below has more info on Cindy’s accident and life circumstances.

Help Cindy relight the torch: donate now.

And please, pass the torch along by sharing this blog with others who may be willing to help.