One Lovely Blog Award | Very Inspiring Blogger Award

Floral composed of hundreds of hypotrochoid drawings. Copyright Mary Wagner
“Flower #9” drawing is composed of thousands of individual drawn hypotrochoid patterns. 22×30 ball point pen.

This post called for flowers. G. E. at and The Poet and the Flea nominated me for the Very Inspiring Blogger / One Lovely Blog award. Thank you.

Here is the badge.


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Seven Things About Me

Today began with:

1. Watching the sun rise.
2. Three cups of coffee.
3. Researching and fixing a software problem.
4. Solving a sudoku.
5. Reading a few pages of “Washington’s Secret War” by Thomas Fleming.
6. Wishing George Washington had a blog to nominate.
7. Work. (And I don’t mean drawing.)

Ten Nominees