Very large epitrochoid drawing in progress blue and black ballpoint pen

Line drawing in progress is about 4-1/2 feet in diameter. The exterior epitrochoid line patterns are complete, I think. I rotated the outer drawing gear around the inner gear 2,016 times, if I did my math correctly.

Ink lines alternate black and blue, from a distance the color blends together creating a beautiful indigo coloring.

I do these large drawings on the floor as I don’t have a table large enough to hold them. Next I’ll add interior hypotrochoid patterns. Will post the finished results.

Parametric drawing in progress of large epitrochoid Copyright Mary Wagner
Epitrochoid patterns are about 4-1/2 feet in diameter. Eight expended pens/refills.
Ballpoint pen drawing of detail of cusps of epitrochoid. Copyright Mary Wagner
Ballpoint pen drawing detail showing main cusp of epitrochoid. Blue and black alternating lines.