Pansy Drawing

Pansy Hypotrochoid Drawing
“Pansies In A Vase” ink on bristol board.

I’ve always loved pansies. Every once in a while I find a few pressed between the pages of a book, long forgotten. My latest discovery was found inside The National Gallery of Art, Washington D. C. by John Walker. Between pages 518 and 519. On page 518 is image number 783,  Pansies. Signed. c. 1905. Pastel, by Odilon Redon. Serendipity.

"Pansies In A Vase" detail of line drawing by Mary Wagner.
Detail of intricate ink line drawing.
Detail of "Pansies In A Vase" parametric drawing by Mary Wagner.
Detail of black vase and blue pansies created from hypotrochoid line drawings.