Triple Plaid Suit? The Completed Drawing.

I’ve been posting work in progress of this drawing on my page. It started out with the working title Plaid Suit when it was one primary epitrochoid figure. Then I added another and it became Double Plaid Suit. I made no study drawing prior to beginning this work, it been an additive, more-as-you-go process. I decided to add a third epitrochoid figure.

Now it’s either Triple Plaid Suit. Or it needs a new name entirely, maybe Third Eye or The Phases of Mars.

Triple Epitrochoid Drawing
I suppose this can be oriented horizontally or vertically. It’s 66″ x 48″ inches. This may be my largest drawing to date.
A better camera would sure be handy.
Detail of Third Eye epitrochoid drawing.
My favorite part of any drawing is the errant lines from gear slipping off gear and the pen going haywire.
Closer up view of the red and black ink lines.
Each of the three primary epitrochoid figures are the same patterns. Exterior large epitrochoids are twelve black, four red patterns.
The smaller interior are four black and red.