Ellipse drawings in various sizes

I am working on a series of ellipse drawings in various smaller sizes. Shown here are 10 x 8 inch and 14 x 11 inch versions in black ink and a rainbow spectrum of colors. These drawings are done by rotating each successive ellipse line plot in consistent increments in a clockwise direction. Each ellipse is shorter and wider in equal increments.

The color spectrum versions have double the lines of the black ink versions to help emphasize the rainbow sequence of colors.

"Orbit" and "Realm" Copyright Mary Wagner
“Orbit” and “Realm”, 14×11 inches, pigment ink on paper. ©Copyright Mary Wagner
"Orbit" and "Realm" Copyright Mary Wagner www.parametricdrawing.com
“Orbit” and “Realm” , 10×8 inches, pigment ink on paper. ©Copyright Mary Wagner