Double ellipse drawing in blue and black pigment ink

A double set of ellipse line plots. 41 black ellipse line plots rotate clockwise from the top, and 40 blue line plots rotate counterclockwise from the first black line plot.

“Binary”, 17×14 inches, blue and black pigment ink on paper. (Sold)

Ellipse drawing is an ongoing investigation

Creating drawings with ellipse figures is an ongoing exploration. Drawing that one type of line plot—pushing the many variations of sequence and number to create the optical quality. The ellipse line plots are spaced very tightly together in “Binary”, other drawings have a looser configuration. My ellipse drawings vary in height from 6 inch to 26-1/2 inches, with single sets of ellipses rotating right or left, and like “Binary” double sets of ellipses revolving in both directions.

"Binary" Copyright Mary Wagner

Minimal Maximal

I refer to these ellipse drawings and many of my other works as “minimal maximal” as they have a minimalist art appearance but are drawn with a maximal/maximum number tightly planned line plots.

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