1:4 scale test patterns help me plan larger drawings.

For every large-scale drawing gear in my collection there is a matching quarter-scale (1:4) gear. The first drawing shown here is the 1:4 scale version, the second drawing “Blue Opulence” is the full-scale drawing.

1:4 scale drawing is approximately 6.5 inches in diameter. Drawn in black ballpoint pen ink.
“Blue Opulence” blue and black pigment ink, approximately 26.25 inches in diameter.

The 1:4 scale versions give me a nice glimpse into what will happen on the full-scale versions. With “Blue Opulence” I knew I wanted to create a rich, dense, center area of ink combining blue and black, and allow the blue to sparkle through in open areas.

“Blue Opulence” recently sold at Saatchi Art.