Analog Drawing Machine Fun— Triple Gears.

Every once in a while I feel the need for disruption from my usual circular motion. Mixing it up a bit always seems to trigger some new ideas for drawings or new thoughts on how to work within the extremely tight circle my analog drawing machinations keep me in.

So I put a few roadblocks in my path — in the form of a extra wheels pinned down inside the static outer wheel. Take a look at the process video below, it shows two additional gears wedged along the perimeter of the motionless wheel.

Mixing it up with two extra gears wedged into the static gear. Time-lapse videos of the process for “Vortex” and “Alien” drawings.

The time-lapse video shows the process behind the “Vortex” and “Alien” drawings. When I started these drawings I was disappointed with the results after the first four or five trips around the wheels. It looked so disjointed at the beginning—I was not very hopeful. But I continued on because sometimes the drawings that look completely unpromising at the beginning end up being stellar when complete.

A look at “Vortex” and “Alien” the completed drawings.

“Vortex” black ink on cotton bristol board, 14×17 inches
“Alien” black and green ink on cotton bristol board, 14×17 inches

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