Spirals Galaxies and Black Stars, a bevy of new geometric drawings.

Lately I’ve been drawing a lot of 14 x 11 inch drawings — all spirals and stars. A smaller size variation on my Celestial Queen and Dark Star drawings which are 20 x20 inches. All of these latest drawings form a series of sorts which I’ve titled “Spirals and Stars” as they group into two style categories.

The circumference matters in this series of ink drawings.

These spirals and stars are all roughly 8 to 8.5 inches in diameter. They were drawn using a specific size outer stationary gear and all the wheels I’ve made that fit inside. In all dozens of drawings were made, many, many discarded as I didn’t care for the outcome or I quite frankly f-ed them up, a skip of the pen here, a misplaced line-plot there. Dozens of Faber-Castell Pitt artist india ink pens bit the dust, entire pads of Strathmore 500 bristol board emptied. Shown below are a few of the drawings.

Black and white geometric drawings, spirals and stars. Copyright Mary Wagner. www.marywagner.com
Black and white geometric drawings, spirals and stars. Copyright Mary Wagner. www.marywagner.com

Choosing the perfect sets of three drawings for a gallery wall.

After doing all those drawings it occurred to me that certain drawings paired into small groups of three very naturally. And those groups of three multiply into groupings of six, to create a gallery wall of sorts. Shown below are the drawings grouped into two sets of Stars and one set of Spirals. Any of these sets of threes can be mixed and matched together to create groupings of six and even nine for a bigger statement. Each print is also available individually. These prints come in sizes from 8 inches to 12 inches wide, in both rectangle and square formats.

Fine art prints are available on my Etsy Art Shop in various sizes:

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The original 14×11 drawings are available on my website shop.

You can find them in my website shop at www.marywagner.com. Or go directly to the listings:
Spiral Drawings
Star Drawings 

All the original drawings are on 14×11 inch white bristol paper and fit inside standard frames you can purchase at a craft supply store, home goods store or order online from a frame shop.