Updates to the Minimals drawing gallery on my website.

Refreshed the Minimals drawing gallery on my website, marywagner.com, with a few more drawings. The additions include some of my recent drawings Cadence, Torso, Pathways and Three Figures On A Plane.

Constructing a website gallery:

A few simple rules I keep in mind when putting together and updating a gallery of artwork:

  1. Style. The overall feel of the artwork fits the style of the gallery. In the case of the Minimals gallery the overall feel is minimalist in appearance when initially viewed, uncluttered, simpler shapes and forms.
  2. Sub-Genre. A representation of all the conceptual sub-categories of compositions. For example in the Minimals gallery:
    • The series of related works with a minimal number of thick lines as in “Wall of Sol” (third row, fifth in.)
    • Drawings related by the use of an extremely complicated pattern sequence like “Serenity” (top row, fifth in.)
    • Kindred works in which I always use a specific, recurring construction theme as in “Three Figures On A Plane” (top row, second in) with a linear row of figures.
  3. Range. An overall survey of executional details which includes showing a variety of color choices, variation in size from small to large, and the medium chosen—ink, color pencil, graphite, paint, collage, etcetera.
Minimal drawing art gallery on marywagner.com. Copyright Mary Wagner.
“Minimals” art gallery.

Additional galleries can be viewed on my website marywagner.com.

All of the galleries on my website are a mix of available and sold drawing, please contact me for availability, prices and commissions.