“North American Review” Spring 2022 Featured Artist

What an honor to be chosen as the featured artist for the “North American Review” Spring 2022 issue. And what an insightful commentary on my ink blot painting “Sanctuary” in the “From the Editor” column “…dark and light sharing space.”

The oldest literary magazine in the nation…

As the oldest literary magazine in the nation, our selected works reflect the breadth of the American experience, and encompass any voices that are committed to telling rich narratives that challenge the status quo.

A wonderful and thought provoking read, my copy is well dog-eared already.

The issue features five of my works, including drawings, collage and ink blot paintings. From the upper right “Softserve Electomagnetics” ink on paper 55×55 inches, “Chaos Myth” ink on paper 30×22 inches, “Phase Shift” ink, color pencil, and collage elements on paper 22×30 inches, “Serenity” ink on paper 18×20 inches, and “Sanctuary” ink and acrylic paint on paper 20×20 inches.

You can order the magazine issue at https://northamericanreview.org/magazine.